Application that distributes cryptomoedas for free by geolocation makes success in Brazil

14.12.2020 | 17:57

Venezuela and Nigeria also promote the use of the WeNano application, which distributes cryptomoedas in more than 100 Brazilian cities.

Application that distributes cryptomoks for free by geolocation is successful in BrasilNOTÍCIAS

Brazil has been singled out as one of the three main countries responsible for WeNano’s expansion. Known for offering free cryptomorphs through geolocation, the application currently has over a hundred points spread throughout the country.

Besides Brazil, WeNano states that there has been growth in the use of the application in other countries, such as Venezuela and Nigeria. In total, more than R$ 66 thousand in cryptomoedas have already been distributed all over the world in scattered points of WeNano, called Spots.

To win free cryptomoks with WeNano, the user must approach a Spot that is offering a fraction of altcoin Nano. As reported by the Cointelegraph, there are Spots offering up to $3,000 in free cryptomoks.

Cryptomoedas for free in Brazil
The WeNano application distributes cryptomoedas for free in Brazil. Present in more than one hundred cities, the platform has Spots in famous places, such as Parque do Ibirapuera, in São Paulo – SP, for example.

This way, with WeNano the user gains cryptomoedas when visiting the Spots, which appear in the application map. Besides São Paulo – SP, there are cryptomoedas distribution places in the main capitals of Brazil and also in the countryside.

Spot created in Ibirapuera Park (Reproduction/WeNano)

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In total, WeNano has more than ten thousand registered users, 50% of which are considered active because they usually enter the application. With the app, more than 12 thousand units of Nano have already been distributed.

Countries drive application
WeNano named Brazil among the three main countries Crypto Trader responsible for expanding the use of the application recently. In addition to distributing cryptomoedas for free, in Brazil there has been engagement of Brazilian users in SpotChat and WeNano Business.

„Brazil was the last big boom not only in the creation of Spots, but also in the engagement of SpotChat and WeNano Business“.

On the other hand, Venezuela has also excelled in the use of WeNano, being the first country to adopt the application in the world. In the country neighboring Brazil, in addition to offering free cryptomorphs, WeNano was used as an intermediary for purchases of basic items.

„Venezuela was one of the first to adopt the application and, as such, has a large network of Spots that resulted in some great stories of people who were able to exchange their Nano payments for daily essential items.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is also among the main countries where the application was used. In this case, the highlight of WeNano use is linked to the use of the app for micropayments.

„Nigeria has seen similar levels of involvement and use and we are seeing small payments being used for daily expenses such as telephone and internet access.

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Spot with almost R$ 3 thousand
With more than R$ 66 thousand already distributed in cryptomoedas for free, WeNano has Spots spread all over Brazil. Considered as ‚pots of gold‘, the places marked on the application map can offer up to R$ 3 thousand.

This is the case with a Spot that was created in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. With over 500 units of Nano delivered, the Spot has already distributed over R$3,000 in cryptomoedas for free. In this Spot, each user receives 50 units of Nano, or about R$ 280.

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According to the app, so far more than 2.5 thousand Spots have been created around the world, which have already distributed more than R$ 66 thousand in cryptomoedas for free, through 22 thousand payments.

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